A Crisortunity for Greatness



I think our greatest days are ahead.  I’m hopeful that our future is better than our past since our history hasn’t always been so good.

“Make America great again” implies that our best days are behind us, but I can’t help but notice that every stage of U.S. history includes stories of minority groups being targeted and discriminated against like deja vu.  It’s a national hallmark, a common experience shared by minority communities since our inception. Whether you’re a Minnesotan Somali or a LA Latino, there’s a common experience of being distrusted, disrespected and suspected. This type of marginalization motivates us all through a shared desire for justice for ourselves and our kids. It’s that pursuit of justice that can motivate folks now more than ever.

Every crisis is an opportunity, a “crisortunity” if you will. The election crisis is no exception. A potential broad-based social and political movement is materializing before our eyes, driven by motivated communities of all backgrounds, working together towards common goals.  This isn’t a time for mourning, it’s an opportunity for real change.

We unite in times of crisis, like we did on 9/11. Crisis brings out the best in us and this election result is on track to do the same. Years from now, we may all thank Donald for providing the angry spark that started the movement. We’ll thank him for unmasking the ugly faces of racism, sexism, xenophobia, islamophobia and other ignorant phobias hiding just beneath the surface.  We’ll thank him for waking the silent majority when he publicly highlighted the American culture of sexism, racism and discrimination that permeated his campaign. Thanks for placing our ugly realities at center stage so we can finally address these truths instead of ignoring them and hoping they will disappear.

Across the country there is a shared sense of urgency that makes me hopeful that our best days are ahead. I hope America will realize our future is better than our past. I hope we choose progress over regress and that I never have to shield my kids from slurs or epithets from people who define “greatness” very differently than me.  I hope we unite behind our common values to find solutions that will make us great, or at least better.  I’ve seen how an organized, motivated electorate decides elections and makes change. We have the motivation, we have the numbers, now we just have to organize.  Time to break the cycles of racism and discrimination, time to make America great for once.